Welcome to our Sonoran Sun Realty newsletter for this SUMMER!

   The activity that is happening in San Carlos,  Sonora is incredible. We are at 95% occupancy for the month of July!  

We can really see the big difference between 2020 and 2021. Of course this is thanks to the vaccination campaigns in our country and in the USA. HOWEVER, WE MUST STILL CONTINUE TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES AND LOVEONES!

If you would like to reserve please call or send a "whatsapp" message  to MX 622.125.0685 and please confirm you are calling from this.

DON'T FORGET that we are the Exclusive MLS listing broker for the now very limited remaining  Time Share ownership listings!

Click below OR BETTER GIVE US A CALL for more information about "once in a lifetime" most economical Time Share purchase at Pilar, a "fee title" real estate purchase thru a Mexican bank trust.

MEXICO  please call:

Emilia Cota Gocobachi

622. 125. 0685

USA please call:

SID ROSEN Rosen & Ocampo Attorneys (602) 370 7939

VONDA MONTENEGRO  (602) 526-0276